Upgrade Control Web Panel License from CWP Free to CWPpro

  • January 27, 2024

CWP Free or CWPpro?

In case you’re unsure what version of CWP you’re using, check the lower-right corner of your dashboard.

You’ll either see a color-coded button stating if you do or don’t have CWPpro.

Non-CWPpro users may have attempted to access a feature in the CWP dashboard only to see a “[CWPpro required]” notification.

Purchase CWPpro License

To purchase a CWPpro license, Visit: https://my.starburstservices.com/order.php

Select the option you want.

It will then ask you to "Configure Product" and have a field for the 'Server IPv4'.

If you do not know the Base IP for your server, you can find this from the bottom of your CWP dashboard under “CWP Info.”

You will receive 2 Email's.
One stating your CWPpro license will be activated within 24 hours.
The 2nd will advise you that the license has been added to the database.

If after 24 hours (CWP only checks for license updates once every 24 hours, or after a reboot).

Or, you can manually upgrade your server immediately after receiving the 2nd Email.

Please run the following to manually upgrade:

Log out of the CWP Admin Web Interface

SSH into your server
From the command line interface (CLI) run: sudo sh /scripts/update_cwp

You should now see “You are running CWPpro” in green at the bottom right of your dashboard.

Troubleshoot or Move CWPpro Licenses

Is simple, just submit a tech support ticket via the client portal, tell us the IP you want the license moved from and the IP you want it moved to.

KB Article Created: 2024-01-24
KB Article Updated: 2024-01-27

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